Group Home Community


People of all abilities experiencing community together!

The purpose of THRIVE is to provide opportunities for meaningful interactions between people impacted by disabilities who live in group homes and small groups from the faith community in order to create an environment where authentic community may flourish.


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We all share the need for community, support, and a place to belong, including those who are affected by a disability. While Christian Churches have a significant opportunity to be a welcoming environment to those who are in the special needs community, individuals who are impacted by disabilities have so much to share with others. What a great opportunity for all of us to learn from one another and experience community together!

Why King's Table?


How does it work?

King’s Table pairs the two groups together, provides training, background checks, and guidance on how to engage in activities with one another based on the ability and preferences of the participants. The groups’ commitment will be reassessed annually.

Churches provide a volunteer who will coordinate the activity schedule with the Group Home Supervisor and be the leader for the church group. Small groups commit to engaging in activities for a minimum of once a month for at least one year. 

Group Homes coordinate with the church volunteer to create an activity schedule that addresses the needs of the residents and provide adequate staffing for the residents’ care. Staff are welcome to join in with the activities. Group Homes commit to engaging in activities for a minimum of once a month for at least one year.

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THRIVE Program Director

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