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Because every life has value and purpose, King's Table is dedicated to serving individuals and families impacted by developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Our Programs

We believe that people impacted by a disability should have the opportunity to be a part of a thriving community - a place to belong, a place to be accepted. Our programs focus on providing support and enrichment in 4 areas: schools, group homes, community, and churches.

In the Schools

We provide supportive services,  enrichment opportunities, and community connections to students, families and staff at local schools that have special needs programming. Programs are provided based on the unique needs of each school.

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In the Group Homes

We focus on building community between group home residents & church volunteers to provide support and offer enrichment opportunities such as cooking classes, outings, Bible studies, and home repair projects through our THRIVE program.

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In the Community

Our new community Hub is for adults impacted by disabilities who attend transition centers and/or live in group homes. We provide educational, social, spiritual, and skill-building activities in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment. 

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In the Church

King’s Table is committed to not only addressing the physical and social needs of those affected by disabilities, but the spiritual aspect, as well. We desire to motivate and equip the Church to reach out to individuals impacted by developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

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Supporting Those Affected by Special Needs


We all share the need for community, support, and a place to belong, especially those affected by special needs.
Parents of special needs children face many unique challenges:

  • Confusing medical diagnoses

  • Routine doctor visits

  • Financial strain

  • Differences between child and peers (physical or development)

  • Difficulty integrating into playgroups, school, or churches

The struggles and disappointment of trying to participate in “traditional” activities become overwhelming.
They often withdraw, becoming more isolated and alone.


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Po Box 225 Ada, MI 49301

(616) 426-9337



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Do you have a heart for those impacted by a disability? We would love to meet you!

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