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Spread joy this holiday season with the special needs community by becoming a Christmas Sponsor!

Sponsor-A-Group Home

Commonly Requested Items:

  • food

  • gift cards

  • household items

  • clothing

  • winter gear

  • books & puzzles

  • toys & games

Sponsors Needed:

Individuals, families, small groups, schools, businesses, and churches

to sponsor families and group homes!

During the Christmas season, we engage our network of volunteers for our Christmas Sponsorship Program. We want to help make the holidays a time of joy and celebration rather than hardship for individuals and families impacted by disabilities.  Participants are matched with volunteer sponsors who purchase gifts from a wish list we provide and if needed, wrap and deliver the gifts, as well.


Students who attend special education schools are nominated by school staff who assist the families in putting together a wish list. We match the student and their family with a sponsor. Sponsors may contact the family to clarify items on the list and set up a time for delivery. Family size ranges from 2–12 family members.

Sponsor-A-Group Home

Many adults with cognitive disabilities live in Adult Foster Care (AFC) Group Homes. We work with group home supervisors to put together a specific wish list for residents and for the home as a whole. Group homes are matched with larger groups and local churches that purchase, wrap, and deliver gifts to the home. Group Home size ranges from 4-12 residents.

Please fill out one of these forms if you are interested in being a Christmas Sponsor!

For more information, contact:


Laura Henkel

Sponsor-A-Group Home

Jodee Bruneau

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